HTT Group is a corporation comprising the firms HTT Architect & Associates (founded in 2002 in Hanoi, Vietnam), HTT Architecture & Investment (2007, HCMC) and HTT Creative (2005, Hanoi).


HTT Group was founded by prominent French-Vietnamese architect Mr. Ho Thieu Tri, renowned for his renovation of The Hanoi Opera House, among many signature projects throughout Vietnam and worldwide.


With a group of over 100 experienced architects and designers, HTT Group is proud to continue delivering major large-scale projects, developing Ho Thieu Tri’s vision and contributing to the development of Vietnam into the 21st Century.


The foundation of HTT Group’s success in Vietnam has been our ability to consistently combine our experience in international design with our profound understanding of Vietnamese culture and environment.


This unique status among the leading architectural practices based in Vietnam has earned Ho Thieu Tri and HTT Group numerous awards and titles, including the Vietnam Glory Award in 2004 for Ho Thieu Tri’s contribution to the architectural development of Vietnam, and regular BCI Vietnam Top Ten Awards Nominations.

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