Ho Thieu Tri


Mr. Ho Thieu Tri, Founder and Principal Architect of HTT Group, is a member of the French Society of Architects. He graduated as an architect at the University of Saigon in 1973 and also studied for an urban planning certificate at San Diego University (USA) in 1984. During his stay in France, Mr. Ho worked for DEVINOY Architecture. He became a full partner at CR Architecture, architects of Stade de France Stadium. After establishing his own pratice in Paris in 1995, Mr. Ho started working on projects in Vietnam. His first project in Vietnam was the Renovation of Hanoi Opera house. After which, Mr. Ho established his production design studio in Hanoi named HO THIEU TRI ARCHITECTE ESAS in 1998 which is now fully licienced as HO THIEU TRI Architect and Associates Company.




2004 Vietnam Glory Award
2004 - 2005 Special Advisor to Vinh Phuc People Committee in Urbanism and Architecture
2005 - 2006 Special Advisor to Kien Giang province Officals in Urbanism and Architecture
2014 Asean Architect Council (ACC) Registed Architect


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